Invited Speakers

  • X-ray phase contrast imaging using laser-plasma sources

    Luca Antonelli, University of York, UK

  • 10 Hz laser-driven plasma-based accelerators and their applications in science, industry, and security

    Ceri Brenner, Central Laser Facility/STFC, UK

  • The role of vibrational states in low temperature plasmas at atmospheric pressure

    Helen Davies, University of York, UK

  • Ultrafast, nano-scale material response to radiation and applications of ultrafast radiation sources

    Brendan Dromey, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

  • Divertor detachment, role of atomic and molecular reactions in plasma simulations

    Ben Dudson, University of York, UK

  • Energy transformation, turbulence and acceleration in space plasmas

    Elena Kronberg, University of Munich, Germany

  • A kinetic electron model for magnetized technological low temperature plasmas

    Dennis Krüger, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany 

  • Pulsed power-driven magnetic reconnection experiments

    Sergey Lebedev, Imperial College, UK 

  • Global Plasma Simulations for ITER Scenario Development

    Elina Militello-Asp, UKAEA, UK

  • MAST-U status and progress towards the first experimental campaign

    Rory Scannell, UKAEA, UK

  • Delivery of plasma generated reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) into biological target

    Jun-Seok Oh, Osaka City University, Japan